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We supply POS materials

Materiały POS Warszawa

In our Company the phrase supplier of POS materials involves much more than just design and manufacture.

We supply practically every type of POS material. It’s one of our Company attributes. It takes just one visit to us, without any time-consuming searching, and you can order a design and the manufacture of any POS advertising materials – those which are well known on the market, and brand new and innovative types. However, what we make our clients aware of above all, is that in every stage of the manufacture of the assignment they will receive clearly defined marketing and technical (engineering) assistance from us in the selection of the optimal POS’s for a specific promotional campaign for products and services.

What does this involve? Namely, that once we commence cooperation:

  • we will familiarize ourselves with your product;
  • we will get to know the market on which you operate and the competition which you are up against;
  • we will visit your sales points;
  • on your request we will take part in internal consultations on the preparation of the product campaign for your marketing / trade marketing department;

Our main objective is to achieve the sales results assumed by our Client.