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We organize store-checks, our experts visit individual categories of stores

A store-check is a direct analysis of the situation in a given store. In preparing a display for a product campaign, we personally visit selected sales points, so that we can check out the possibilities on the premises of conducting effective product promotion using our POS’s.

Because our Company’s experts visit chosen sales points, we are in a position to define the optimal structure of a stand or the most effective positioning of the equipment in the available space, already at the stage when we determe the assumptions of the product campaign and concept for the advertising stand, on which the product is to be displayed.

During their visits on the market our experts analyse the chances of increase of the rotation of a product eliminating the causes of poor sales, which may be, e.g. lack of the appropriate display or location in an inappropriate place in the store (the range is not visible). The cause of low effectiveness of sales can also be incorrect positioning of the product on the display itself, outside the reach of potential Clients e.g. children or older persons, but also defective construction in the display, causing products to get stuck whilst they are being taken out, or falling out of the fastenings.

As a result of store-checks we recommend companies solutions to avoid the consequences of inappropriate positioning of the products in the floor space of the store, and at the same time this actually increases the chances of effectiveness of the product campaign using our POS’s.