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We are aware of the principles of merchandising and how to use them effectively


A considerable attribute of cooperation with our Company is the benefit of our knowledge of merchandising principles. Once we receive your assignment to prepare POS materials for your product campaign, we will offer specific assistance in placing those materials in the optimum location in sales points, and in locating products on advertising stands.

We are not a merchandising company, however we know the principles concerning products, which are factors in the successive increase of sales in individual distribution channels. To put it simply and to the point, we know:

  • how to arrange the product on the shelf or stand to the best advantage;
  • how to construct additional displays;
  • which areas in the stores are best suited to given products;
  • how to increase product visibility;
  • what locations in the sales area “work best”, and which are to be avoided;
  • to appropriately build the company’s image in a given category in the shop;
  • how to increase  product rotation;
  • how to increase product availability.

Because of this, already at the stage of preparing the structural and visual concept for the display for your product campaign, we will take into consideration all factors, which increase its effectiveness.