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We are aware of the specifics of the work in individual distribution channels of our Clients

We are experienced in launching displays in sales points with various sector specifics. Therefore, in cooperating with our specialists, it will be simpler and quicker for you to achieve the objectives of your product campaign using POS, which we will produce for you.

During our work on the concept for advertising stands and at the design stage you will benefit from our knowledge of the principles of launching products, which are obligatory in certain trade chains. They apply to e.g. dimensions of displays, construction materials and transportation options in accordance with the guidelines of a given retail chain etc. Because of this we know how to design the optimal advertising stand for a product campaign in a given sales point, and also which solutions should be avoided, to prevent an increase in the costs of launching products, and also those errors which make this impossible, e.g. if the stand does not satisfy the construction criteria imposed by a given retail chain.

Our knowledge of the specifics of the work of individual sales channels is relevant not only at the design stage of the advertising stands, in its widest sense. The manufactured product must be physically launched in the sales points. To do this effectively the current possibilities of the location, where the sales are to take place, must be identified and used to the best advantage. Therefore, we support the activities of our Clients and advise them how to display the product to its best advantage with the use of ready displays.